Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Domestic Truffle Oil Released at Northwest Foodservice Show

I was privileged to stop by the Oregon White Truffle Booth at the Northwest Foodservice Show (http://www.nwfoodserviceshow.com/). That’s when I found out that this was the first time the product had been displayed at any show.

I was given a sample of the truffle oil on a crostini whipped with cream cheese, and was swept away in the midst of lush flavors akin to a walk in an old growth forest, a break in the middle, some spice on the back of my tongue and that ancient, legendary truffle flavor jumping throughout the finish.

It was a pleasant surprise and one of two highlights for me at the show. Stopping by the Peterson Company Booth is always a pleasure as I get to tour the finest cheeses from throughout the world. But this was just such a surprise, their booth tucked away in the back corner of the show, quietly allowing people to experience the first domestic truffle oil.

Oregon White Truffle Oil is certain to experience popularity (https://www.oregontruffleoil.com/). Served in any myriad of ways, this would be my must have appetizer in a Friday evening meal. This oil is also sure to become the sultry dessert with red wine on a romantic evening.

The oil has already been featured on NPR’s “Michael Feldman’s Whadya Know” show, and had a great review in Saveur magazine:

“…though many producers augment their product (truffle oil) with a chemical compound that mimics the truffles’ taste and aroma, making for a more potent but less refined taste. WE PREFER THE PURER CHARACTER OF ALL-NATURAL OILS LIKE THE JOEL PALMER HOUSE OREGON WHITE TRUFFLE OIL, WHICH CONTAINS THE ESSENCE OF OREGON TRUFFLES (It’s the ONLY truffle oil currently sold in this country containing domestically grown truffles).” - Saveur Magazine April 2009

This product is not to be missed, and can be ordered online at the website: https://www.oregontruffleoil.com/

Jack Czarnecki has undertaken a labor of love by hand-crafting the oil in small batches. Jack is a “noted wild mushroom cooking authority and award-winning cookbook author (James Beard Award - “A Cook’s Book of Mushrooms” - 1996). (https://www.oregontruffleoil.com/)”

His experience and love of truffles shines here.

“Truffle oil is a finishing oil used to enhance foods by adding to them after preparation.
The oil adds nuance and subtlety to any dish to which it is added. However, there are certain ways I like to use the oil which really brings out its unique character.

• Truffle oil on pasta in cream sauce
• Truffle oil on risotto, especially porcini risotto
• Truffle oil on carpaccio or thinly sliced specialty meats
• Truffle oil blended with drawn butter for lobster or crab
• Truffle oil with flashed-seared foie gras
• Truffle oil over scallops seared in sweet cream butter and slivered endive
• Truffle oil over gnocchi with parmesan

• Truffle oil vinaigrette with arugula

• Truffle oil whipped with cream cheese on crostini
• Truffle oil mayonnaise (https://www.oregontruffleoil.com/)”

I will be trying out some of these recipes this weekend, and so should you.


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