Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Water 1st - Beer 2nd (Fun)draiser at South Lake Union

I definitely love me some beer. In fact, whenever the sun begins to show it's bald little head in the sky, I can often be found on the patio of some fine establishment with a beer in one hand and the laptop in the other.

But sometimes beer goes so much better with a cause, and I think clean water for the world is a worthy cause to drink to. Fortunately, at the fifth annual Water 1st - Beer 2nd (Fun)draiser you can enjoy your first- or second-favorite beverages, chow down, enter to win a trip to Hawaii, and hit the dance floor with live music from the ElektraLytes. While you're enjoying all this merriment, you'll also be raising much-needed funds to help solve the global water crisis. Gotta hoist a glass to that, wouldn't you say?

5th Annual Water 1st - Beer 2nd (Fun)draiser Visit site
$35 per person
Fri., Mar. 5, 7:00 p.m.
Lake Union Park Armory
860 Terry Ave. N. Map it