Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sweetriot in the news

A recent article in New York Daily news about our friends at SweetRiot. Sarah Endline, the ex yahoo marketing exec and founder of sweetriot continues to be on a crusade to do something good. Congrats to their team on the article and the fundraising!

We love to see our partners in the news. So if you have something to share please send it along!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Portland Choc and Awe: Day 2

Elliot and I are down in Portland dropping off these wonderful boxes (see picture) to about 50 retailers.

So far the response has been extremely positive. One retailer told me they had never seen so many beautiful packages together and another told me this was "a very promising program". Already we have heard interest in requesting boxes for categories other than chocolate.

So what is Choc and Awe? Essentially Choc and Awe is the first category specific sampling program of it's kind. In a nut shell Findood delivers boxes of 20 -25 products to a slew of retailers in a given region. In Seattle it was about 50 stores. It turned out to be almost as many in Portland. Our Launch Partners send us the samples and we market and display their products in a gorgeous box that allows Retailers to see and taste products they might never have found otherwise.

Stay tuned for another update on the Portland drop where I will profile some of my favorite retailers I've met and some fun anecdotes. For now I'm gonna go sit in the hot tub and get ready for another day tomorrow.



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Water 1st - Beer 2nd (Fun)draiser at South Lake Union

I definitely love me some beer. In fact, whenever the sun begins to show it's bald little head in the sky, I can often be found on the patio of some fine establishment with a beer in one hand and the laptop in the other.

But sometimes beer goes so much better with a cause, and I think clean water for the world is a worthy cause to drink to. Fortunately, at the fifth annual Water 1st - Beer 2nd (Fun)draiser you can enjoy your first- or second-favorite beverages, chow down, enter to win a trip to Hawaii, and hit the dance floor with live music from the ElektraLytes. While you're enjoying all this merriment, you'll also be raising much-needed funds to help solve the global water crisis. Gotta hoist a glass to that, wouldn't you say?

5th Annual Water 1st - Beer 2nd (Fun)draiser Visit site
$35 per person
Fri., Mar. 5, 7:00 p.m.
Lake Union Park Armory
860 Terry Ave. N. Map it

Monday, January 4, 2010

Skagit River Ranch: Seattle's Locally-raised Meat

Best laid plans... etc. You start to pick up around the house and the next thing you know you are arranging the photos on the fridge in chronological order.

So it happened on Saturday that Sarah and I had wanted to get out to the u-district farmers market to pick up some good grass-fed meat, but instead ended up making the trek all the way to the homestead...that is to the farm in Sedro-Wooley, WA. It was the best decision ever!

The resident chef, and all-around sweeter-than-a-pumpkin-pie hostess, Betty, showed us around and helped us make a decision as we tried to decide what to buy from the slew of meats and cuts they had to offer. From italian pork sausage, to beef roasts, to whole chickens, it was a hard decision.

In the end we ended up rifling through Betty's recipe box to see what caught our eye and then picking the meat based on that.

The best thing about visiting the Ranch instead of just the booth at the Market, was the strong sense of being where the food is. It's not hard to imagine these animals living near-perfect lives as you arrive at Skagit River Ranch. Just outside the farm store, which sits in the gorgeous Skagit Valley, mountains loom over the flat lands making a quite-epic backdrop to the intentionally quaint farmhouse where Betty sits cooking. It is a beautiful scene and it makes enjoying the meat that much more enjoyable to imagine the grazing cattle waking up here everyday. Happy cows indeed.

In the end, we ended up getting the staples. Ground beef, since we are going to stop eating ground beef unless we know who made it. A whole chicken, which Sarah is going to butcher, because we saw the chickens outside the store and it's hard to imagine a better living environment. We got bacon ends for stocks, soups and general deliciousness. And finally we picked up some special eggs, a dozen hand-picked "odd balls" as Betty put it. These are the eggs that were oddly shaped, too small, too big or just plain weird... and boy are they delicious!

If you want to visit the ranch in Sedro-Wooley, the store is open monday-sat 10 - 6. SRR also appear weekly on Saturdays for the U-District Farmer's Market and Sunday at the Ballard Farmer's Market. For more information go to

Happy Eating!