Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Portland Choc and Awe: Day 2

Elliot and I are down in Portland dropping off these wonderful boxes (see picture) to about 50 retailers.

So far the response has been extremely positive. One retailer told me they had never seen so many beautiful packages together and another told me this was "a very promising program". Already we have heard interest in requesting boxes for categories other than chocolate.

So what is Choc and Awe? Essentially Choc and Awe is the first category specific sampling program of it's kind. In a nut shell Findood delivers boxes of 20 -25 products to a slew of retailers in a given region. In Seattle it was about 50 stores. It turned out to be almost as many in Portland. Our Launch Partners send us the samples and we market and display their products in a gorgeous box that allows Retailers to see and taste products they might never have found otherwise.

Stay tuned for another update on the Portland drop where I will profile some of my favorite retailers I've met and some fun anecdotes. For now I'm gonna go sit in the hot tub and get ready for another day tomorrow.