Thursday, September 11, 2008

Introduction: Jarod Reyes

Hello Pyreusians!

I am Jarod Reyes and I am the Creative Director for Pyreus. This first blog post will serve as an introduction of where I am coming from as well as a little about who I am. If you already met me than you already know I am hilarious and humble to boot!

So who am I? Well I am originally from Southern California. That ever-so-sunny region of the world where everyone is happy and nothing could possibly go wrong; home to the fish taco, the valley girl and of course rampant optimism in general. I could only handle the sun for so long and so shortly after High School I moved to Seattle to marry my long-time sweetheart and attend Graphic Design School. Seattle is my home now, through and through. Often family members in the crumbling housing market know as San Diego ask us when we are coming home…and I remind them I have found home. It is the crunchy, backpacking, indie-rocking, French-pressing, city-- home of the locavore, the Seahawks (w00h00!) and progressive realism-- the lovely Seattle.

So I am a happy camper right now. I have been married for two years in September ( I didn’t even need a calendar for that) live on top of capitol hill and look at the space needle every time I wake up and roll out of bed.

So I hope I get a chance to get a beer with all of you who are joining the Pyreus community that I have yet to meet. And if I have met you already than let’s get another round!

Cheers from the guy in the flip-flops.


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